Monday, August 23, 2010

Good bye summer...

Ah Irish Fest, my favorite time of year. It's 30th anniversary did not disappoint. I'm not sure how to explain Irish Fest to those that have never had the pleasure. Music, drinking and lots of laughing is the simplest way. It's just so much fun.

Irish Fest also means another thing for me: the end of summer. There seems to be a moment during the Scattering (an event where all the musical acts cram onto one stage to be joined by a chorus of thousands singing traditional Irish songs) where I think to myself, "Alright, this is it". The Monday after Irish fest has a particular sting. A new tradition has emerged to combat the post-Irish fest slump: up north!!! I leave now for five days of recuperation in Northern Wisconsin.

Irish fest has also gotten me a bit more inspired. I want to do more with my last series I shot in Ireland this spring. Maybe the North woods will help me to work this out...

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  1. Yeaaaaahhh! I like the sound of this! Inspiration!! Have fun up north Michael