Monday, August 16, 2010

MQ: Design Star?

After watching HGTV's Design star last night, I thought I'd share some of my own handy work.This is what I have been doing ever since we left Chicago. I did all the work over at the auto body shop, so I got to use all sorts of power tools and feel like a big man...

The first pic is of our night stand I
decided I wanted to re-do. I also did a file cabinet to look like something from CB2. Just before we left Chicago, I bought an
antique pallet and turned it into a coffee table.

The biggest project by far was the green hutch. It needed so much love. The veneer was peeling off everywhere, one side had a part chopped off and the curved glass had been painted. This one was also by far the most fun. Using paint guns in a booth built to
paint cars was sweet. Sorry for the crappy iphone pics...


  1. love it! post pics of the new place. This past weekend at around 8:30 pm I was feeling bored and asked Peter how long it would take to get to Milwaukee, but by the time we got there is would of been bed time :(

    Where did you get that hutch from? I like the new color